Cicileus ao posted 5 mins ago
Halloween, for TSW, is like Christmas, Independence Day, your birthday, and New Years Eve all rolled into one.  It is THE TSW holiday.

Here's what we know so far:

There are three kinds of bags to buy:

Halloween party pack: gets you 2 things, and 20 people near you one thing. If you are near 10 people, you get an achievement and the zombie dance from Thriller. People are just standing in Agartha spamming them.
Parcel of Macabre Friendship: gets a thing for a friend. You get an achievement.
Rucksack of Grotesque Garb: Gets you a thing.

Things you can get are:

Corbie topper (Baron Samedi top hat)
Cultist robes, red and black

Lapis mouser pet
Samedi bone necklace
Samedi waistcoat, black with grey
Samedi coat, black
Samedi hat, faction colored
Feline wraith pet
Modern Prometheus neck bolts

Bloody wolf pet
Samedi pants faction colored
Samedi coat faction colored
Samedi waistcoat faction colored
Samedi shoes faction colored
Samedi pants black
Cultist robes, green-grey
Vivisectionist's lab coat (bloody)
Vivisectionist's surgical mask (bloody)
Hanging Noose
Pumpkin head hat

Makeup item (unlocks new option at Ockham's Razor for that character)
Fright flares
Grinning gourds (jack o lantern that sits at your feet)
Jack o Lanterns (pumpkin headgear)

Pictures here:  LINK These things are tradeable and sellable. There are a variety of angel wings, witch hats, and pumpkin heads available in the store as well.

TSWDB - as usual! - is in the process of setting up one of their usual great event guides, here.

The old content from 2012 (The Cat God), and 2013 (Spooky Stories of Solomon Island), will be available, as well as new stuff. (Details as we have them).

There are SO many parties and things going on, you can find them here: