A Roleplaying Philosophy

Poplock a posted Sat at 13:37
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Over the years in my various MMO community adventures, I've been sharing a roleplaying philosophy document with my people. No, I didn't write this document. That credit goes to a very smart fellow I met in Age of Conan named BronzeMountain. But he summed up my personal feelings on a few important and hotly debated topics so very well that he just might have crawled into my brain and put what I couldn't into words.

These topics are:
  1. No character concept survives contact with play.
  2. Where my character is going is far more interesting than who my character is.
  3. You cannot make your own character cool. You can only make other players' characters cool.
  4. IC Conflict = OOC Cooperation.

Interesting, huh? To note, this is in no way 100% comprehensive and, like any philosophy, these points might not be exactly true for you. Still, it's a good read and you might find a few points useful. BronzeMountain's amazing text is after the jump, and the only way I could improve upon it was, you guessed it, pictures of Transformers. Enjoy! <3

EmmySky I really, really like this.
Makidai I think I am terribly guilty of making my own character cool.
Sin/Tieran I agree with Cici, that particular tenet of the philosophy is the one that jumped out at me; I see so many people fall p ...