Illuminati characters may find a new passport in their belongings. Or maybe they get it as an attachment to an email full of disturbing-yet-funny cat pictures from the Pyramidon. Maybe Kristin Geary just hands it to you and says "Fun fact - this just happened."


You are required to attend a non-mandatory social gathering.

The Labyrinth.
31-January, 4 P.M. Brooklyn time (US EST)

Consider this a continuation of your official interview.

This is a social event for all Illuminati characters. Everyone is invited. Drop in when you like. There's no agenda. It's not being hosted by a particular cabal, or PC, or NPC. It's just a time to kick back and roleplay in character at the Labyrinth where you know that the other factions aren't listening. Time to get your sex, drugs, and Rockefeller on!

Medrina Yeaaah I'll be missing the whole thing, due to work schedule. I keep hoping some of these things will happen on a Sunda ...
Bobcoke looks like a good time for me... It will start at around 10pm over here.
Cicileus a I'm sorry you two cannot attend. It will likely go til 6 or 7. 4 pm seemed a good "middle ground" to accommod ...