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Welcome! is the unoffical roleplaying website for Funcom's The Secret World.  This community is run and supported by players for players.  Be you new to the game, new to the community, or a returning member, we are happy to see you.  We have put together a quick list of items that will help you get started.  

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Important announcements from the TSW-RP staff! Site, process, policy, etc. updates and changes.
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By Lyss88 Thu at 07:14
New to the TSW-RP community? Check out the sticky threads for guidance or just pop in and say hello!
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By Gray 7 hours ago
General topics unrelated to The Secret World. Pictures of cats? Walnut-chip brownie recipe? COOL.
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By Caligany Thu at 23:05
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Hosting a community/society event? Post the details here, as well as the event calendar: LINK!
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By spellsmith 7 hours ago
Looking for a cabal? Check the listings within. Still not finding it? Post a notice in this thread: LINK!
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By Poplock a Tue at 14:55
Looking for a specific type of character interaction? Need to arrange someone to play your apprentice or long lost brother? All of that can go in here.
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By "Ms_Diana" 19 mins ago
Have a creative work you'd like to showcase? Artwork, videos, Tumblr, Twitter, blogs, etc. TSW related or otherwise. Please post here!
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By AcheanForge 13 hours ago
Anything directly related to the more technical matters of playing TSW can go here.
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By spellsmith Tue at 10:22
General OOC discussions about TSW; includes RP-related topics, lore, and anything else TSW-related that doesn't seem to fit in the other forums.
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By Vormaerin 3 hours ago
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Post your character biographies here. Give each character their own specific thread.
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By AcheanForge 9 hours ago
Keep your characters journal here for others to peruse. Remember that unless specifically marked the information in these journals isn't IC commonly known.
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By AcheanForge 7 hours ago
Either open or closed (please mark the thread title to let others know) RP stories can go in here.
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By F4L Tue at 13:05
Let's collect all the SubRosa Plot stuff here.
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By Sub Rosa May 19, 14
One topic, many responses, not necessarily interactive.
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By Boss-Defeater451 Mon at 05:22
Secret Society Area
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Secret area for The Dragon to discuss in private.
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By Cicileus a Aug 17, 15
Secret area for The Illuminati to discuss in private.
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By Vintovko Aug 26, 15
Secret area for The Templars to discuss in private.
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By Starsmith 17 hours ago
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