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Banhammer coming down on AFKers in Fusang

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Sallah wrote:
unlike games like SWTOR or WoW where your gear decides your appearance, TSW allows you to look the way you want, dress in just about anything, and wield just about anything within 20 minutes of character creation. That is a boon for role players

Very true - and I hadn't thought of it that way. This game really is set up quite well for RPers, and that's one more way it's RP friendly.

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Posted Nov 29, 12 · OP
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(Here's something I posted in the thread, sort of a letter to GD Bylos, who told us Dragon underdogs to basically be like ninjas.)

This post is to Nusquam, who says he's done posting on this thread, but hopefully he'll read it anyway. It's mostly regarding his advice about how to play an underdog Dragon in Fusang, based on his experience. Here's my experience, with some data but mostly more questions.

I play Alex "Hex" Morgan, proudly Dragon since I took the personality test way back when. Proudly Arcadian since launch. These two things will never change. I love the society and I love the server. I've played quite a bit of Fusang in my career, enough at least to have Venice everything on my DPS and pseudo tanking sets. I've been playing Fusang pretty hard the last few days. And, I've been doing so very Dragon-y like you said I should, calculated and sneaky. Not because you told me to, but because that's the only way I can right now. My normal routine is to head to a well, find it either unguarded or catch a Templar napping. Both of these things happen a lot, the Templar are not all as engaged with the screen and tactical as your posts might suggest. Sure, some are.

Anyway, I steal the well, maybe (but definitely not always) dispatch an unresponsive guard. Then I ready my assault rifle and wait for the Templar to swarm in. No call has ever been sounded (to my knowledge), or at least no reinforcements have ever came to stop my well theft; it's been 100% reactive. In the event I have some back up (we had 10 Dragons at one point yesterday, which is a lot for "New Fusang" in this battle-group), we fight tooth and nail to hold onto that little piece of ground, sometimes for 45 minutes or more.


"We got dis, jonb!" (Screenshot of a not-so-successful well fight)

The ensuing fight is literally a blood bath. A lot of ours, a lot of theirs. It is really quite epic and, like you mention, an amazing feat of few against the many. At the end of it all, when we just can't hold that well anymore and we're sent back to base, we get a lot of kudos from the Templar. "Nice defense Dragons." "If I could give you some Black Marks I would." "Thanks for making this less boring for us."

I appreciate the nod from them, but that last one stings a little. It makes me feel like I'm their personal entertainment, except they're the ones getting paid for it. In the past 2.5 days using these Dragon tactics, my Players Defeated count has jumped up by 604. My White Marks have jumped up by 467. No, that isn't a typo. 467. A Templar getting 142 White Mark ticks (because I'm stealing two of those) will have that in just under ten minutes. They can upgrade a talisman in under three hours. You say "It *is* possible to be rewarded for doing smaller objectives in Fusang right now." But I would be lucky to do the same upgrade by January at this rate.

Yes, I do have fun. I PvP mostly for the contest and I love Fusang for its pseudo open worldness. Hell, I even like being the underdog. But as I'm up on that ledge, applying a liberal helping of Suppressing Fire, trying to hang on to my inch of China, I know that the people I'm fighting are advancing while I am not. So I will be more of an underdog tomorrow than I was today, as the slight margin I have over some of them afforded by my skill (I'm not really that great of a PvPer, let's be real) is being minimized by the gear upgrades they are receiving and I am not. And the disparity will just continue to get worse and worse until Issue 1.5 hits.

How do you want me to play Fusang? Do you want me and my small group of Dragon-y friends to keep hucking ourselves at the overdogs, trying to do amazing things against the odds, and be content with 2 Black marks a day? That is a strategy for yesterday but not tomorrow if I want to be competitive when I step into the zone. And while I might just keep fighting there regardless, I can't in good conscious recommend it to anyone else. Especially to the cabal I lead, because I care about their advancement into the later stages of the game.

I can, of course, leave Fusang and upgrade my Venice gear through Stonehenge matches. Or just scrap PvP altogether for a while and grind Nightmares. Or I could try to organize all of these Dragon PvP forces you say we have and try to commandeer or otherwise interrupt the gravy train. All of those things have a certain level of "no fun" or "lots of work" attached for me personally.

What would you do, Nusquam?
Alex "Hex" Morgan
Harbinger Directive - Dragon, Story-focused Role-playing Cabal
Posted Nov 29, 12
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Here's a response from him, then me.
Nusquam wrote:
Hi Hex, we played together for a period this morning (my time this morning, I imagine it was late your time.) I've been with you in a lot of those battles. I also enjoy playing PvP for the sake of the battle and challenge itself..

I've not at any point here said that the reward system is working well. There are multiple types of player motivation and rewards - and some of them are finite and some of them are infinite. There is also more than one type of reward in Fusang - I still care about getting the XP for my PvP missions, though I understand that it isn't a motivator for everyone.

I have said that we are working on adjusting this. In issue #5 you will see some (most?) of your concerns addressed. Until then, I can only hope that I will keep seeing you in Fusang.
MarkItZero (That's me, Hex) wrote:
Well, can you at least get the art team on a "I survived Fusang 1.4" shirt? That would probably keep me in zone. :)
Alex "Hex" Morgan
Harbinger Directive - Dragon, Story-focused Role-playing Cabal
Posted Nov 29, 12
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I would so love a 'I survived Fusang 1.4' shirt.
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Posted Dec 2, 12
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