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Sun at 14:03
Sun at 14:03
There are a lot of chatty people in the Discord, though, which you can get an invite to from the menu up top. Also getting on Twitter -- most people are still active on there.
Janilyn ao
Sun at 16:10
Yah, there are a good number of people who are waiting for the new game to launch.
Janilyn ao
Sun at 18:19
And there isn't any more content coming to TSW; all new content will go to SWL. So there's not much incentive to play TSW.
Janilyn ao
Sun at 18:19
Since what draws most RPers to TSW is the story.
Sun at 18:20
Makes sense. I'm excited for SWL already. Guess I picked a bummer of a time to get the itch to come back to TSW though lol
Sun at 18:21
You can still rp on site
Sun at 20:08
Say ,are there any discord channels for TSW RP?
Sun at 20:33
There's a link to the discord in the menu above
Sun at 20:56
I need a Admin to strip my Faction tag please?
Sun at 20:58
Sun at 20:58
(If you're replacing it with a red tag that's okay tho)
Sun at 20:58
She was never factioned.. she is fae
Sun at 20:58
Sun at 20:59
Sun at 20:59
It is not likly anyone is going to win her over enough to allow them to put a collar on her.
Sun at 21:00
Well, she who never tries~
Sun at 21:01
never gets stabed by a fae?
Sun at 21:04
Sun at 21:05
Janilyn ao
Sun at 21:44
Done, Willow!
Sun at 21:44
Thank you!
Janilyn ao
Sun at 21:45
Janilyn ao
Mon at 2:08
Rosoku o
18 hours ago
Twin Peaks to the people!!!!
17 hours ago
Rosoku o
17 hours ago
15 hours ago
for those who are looking
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